Soundcore AeroFit Pro

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Open-Ear Comfort, Made For Your Active Lifestyle 

  • Maximum Comfort with Open-Ear Design
  • Comes with detachable and adjustable neckband for a secure fit
  • Thumping Bass for Maximum Motivation
  • 360 Spatial Audio

Tech Features
- Bluetooth Version: 5.3
- 4 Mics
- IPX5 Water-Resistant
- Button Control
- Playtime: 14/46H
- Fast Charge: 10min/5.5 hrs
- Soundcore App

- Charging Case
- Detachable Neckband
- USB-C Cable

Color: Black
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Open-Ear Comfort

Non-intrusive design and air conduction audio work in tandem for pressureless listening and air-like comfort.

Feel the Softness

Crafted with gentle skin-loving material, experience maximum comfort with AeroFit Pro's snuggly soft design.

Snug, Flexible, and Comfortably Secure

Ergonomically designed, the flexible ear hook is constructed from 0.7mm thick aerospace-grade titanium wire, capable of withstanding up to 5,000 bends for an adaptive fit.

Intuitive Button Control

Ready for action, AeroFit Pro opts for physical buttons that provide precise control even when on the move.

IPX5 Water-Resistant

Featuring industry-leading waterproof and sweatproof performance, soundcore exclusive SweatGuard™ technology, and a unique chamber design for total protection.