Soundcore A30i (Lipstick Design)

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On-the-Go Design: Featuring a chic lipstick-shaped case that’s all about making a statement, Soundcore A30i makes style and comfort a priority. Tiny, lightweight earbuds are ergonomically designed for an optimal fit, while feeling virtually weightless.

Strong and Smart Noise Cancelling: Soundcore A30i noise cancelling earbuds block out noise up to 46dB. Using adaptive algorithms, A30i detects external sound and smartly auto-adjusts to a suitable level of noise cancelling perfect for you.

Clear Sound with 3D Surround Sound Effect: Soundcore A30i features composite diaphragms so you can enjoy clear and well-balanced sound. Access the Soundcore app to activate the 3D surround sound effect for a more immersive audio experience.

AI-Enhanced Clear Calls: Experience clear calls anywhere you go with 4 mics built into the wireless earbuds, alongside an AI algorithm trained to pick up your voice with precision.

Easy to Use: Enjoy a simple and stable connection with Bluetooth 5.4. Multipoint connection lets you connect with your laptop and your phone, easily switching between them. Use a single earbud whenever the situation demands it.

Color: White
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Strong and Smart ANC

Advanced noise cancelling system blocks out up to 46dB of noise. Adaptive algorithms let A30i detect external sound and automatically select a suitable level of noise cancelling

Manual ANC Modes

Tailor noise cancelling to match your preference with 5 levels and 3 different modes to choose from

Transparency Mode

Go about your day, never needing to take your buds out. Switch to transparency mode when ordering a coffee, having a quick chat, or listening to announcements.

Clear Sound

Soundcoore A30i features 6mm composite diaphragms so you can enjoy well-balanced sound with rich mids, mightly bass, and crisp highs

3D Sound

Surround yourself with music when on the move. Access the Soundcore app to activate the sound effect for a more immersive audio experience.

Designed to Go.
Designed to Make a Statement

Stylish Lipstick-Inspired Case

Make a bold statement while on the move. Pocket-sized and showing off a lipstick-inspired silhouette, A30i features a slide-to-open magnetic mechanism for your convenience.

IP54 Splashproof and Dustproof

With an IP54 water-resistance rating and dust-proof design, you can rest assured knowing your earbuds are protected from water splashes and any lingering dust.