Soundcore Boost

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• Mighty Music: Loud, well-balanced sound is intensified in an instant by hitting the BassUp button. Our exclusive technology analyzes and enhances the low frequencies in real-time.

• Titanium Drivers: Soundcore Boost Bluetooth speaker reproduces sound with treble that stretches up to 40kHz to bring out all of a song’s distinctive details.

• Fully Waterproof: IPX7-rated protection defends Soundcore Boost Bluetooth speaker against all kinds of spills and downpours.

• Customizable EQ: Download the Soundcore app to tailor Soundcore Boost’s EQ and bring out the best in your favorite songs and genres.

• 12-Hour Playtime: Keep the music playing from dusk ‘till dawn and charge your phone via the USB-C port on the Bluetooth speaker when it’s out of battery.

• USB-C Connectivity: Use the included USB-C cable to charge Soundcore Boost.

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